Treatment for Foot Pain

Foot pain has many sources of influence including injury, tight or damaged muscles, chronic dehydration, and improper, unhealthy or poorly-fitting footwear.

One of the benefits of reflexology is that it relaxes the feet, the muscles that move the feet, and the tissues of the foot and lower leg.  This helps increase hydration to all tissues and increases muscle elasticity, enabling better foot function, increased range of motion, and often resulting in an immediate reduction in foot pain.  The overall improvement in foot funtion can mean that there will be less damage to the feet with daily use, meaning the foot to begin to heal.

Reflexology can be supplemented with massage techniques and exercises that you can do at home to offer natural, non-invasive approach to the treatment of foot pain that is less expensive than conventional approaches, and can frequently be more sustainable.


 And the work feels AMAZINGLY GOOD! 


Reflexology is not a cure-all and results cannot be guaranteed.

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