Practitioner Bios

Lisa Hensell, LMT, NBCR

Lisa Hensell is the owner and Director of Education at SRMC, as well as a principal instructor for the school. In 2018 she received the national Education Award by Reflexology Association of America “In honor of her Talent and Vision for promoting Excellence in reflexology education”. She has been practicing reflexology since 1996 and massage therapy since 1998. She was certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board® in 1998.

Drawing on years of experience with a busy practice, participation in professional organizations, attendance of reflexology conferences in America and around the world, and her involvement in and instruction of many of the classes at SRMC, Lisa enjoys sharing what she knows of reflexology with her clients and students. She is passionate about the power of reflexology to assist physical healing and enhance psychological and spiritual well-being.

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Lisa and recently published in the journals of both Reflexology Association of America and American Reflexology Certification Board®. This is her perspective on reflexology:

The act of doing reflexology sometimes feels like taking part in
a miracle. The work itself and the changes one experiences are
profound. Both the giver and the receiver can feel transported.
Reflexology offers connection in a disconnected world and
healthy touch where even healthy touch is sometimes under

Our profession is a beautiful and precious commodity.
Everything I do within my school and practice is motivated by
the wonder and joy of reflexology, the sense of connection, and
the integrity I feel as I follow my truth. This path brings great
meaning to my work and purpose in my life. I feel inspired to
go to work, explore reflexology, help my clients and do my best
to help the inhabitants of this world so we can all support a
healthy planet.”

MA # 00012005
RF # 60478306

Shirley Keller, LMT, BCTMB, NBCR®

Shirley has been practicing massage and reflexology since 2007. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and is certified nationally by the American Reflexology Certification Board®. This is what she says about her style:

“My passion for helping people has led me down a path of studying the body and the most effective ways to restore  functional movement, reduce pain, and achieve overall health and well-being.

I use a personalized approach with a variety of therapeutic outcome-based techniques to help clients reach their wellness goals. I specialize in facial reflexology integrated with reflexology of the feet, hands, and ears. I also incorporate passive assisted stretching, movement and acupressure through the use of Thai Yoga Massage.

My personal experience with foot pain has drawn me to help others suffering from this sometimes debilitating condition. Through my own journey, I’ve learned many effective techniques for reducing foot pain.”

RF #60404679
MA #00024868

Alida Schuh, Office Manager

Alida has been our delightful office manager since 2007. 

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