ARCB Exam Schedule

For more information about the process of Washington State certification or national certification through ARCB, click here.


American Reflexology Certification Board Review Session:

  • Instructor: Christine Freeland, RF
  • Cost: $60
  • Schedule: Sunday 9am – 1pm
  • Date: Sept 24
  • This review session is not for credit.

Here is a review of the ARCB Review Session from 2015, with Christine Freeland:

“I just opened my ‘congratulations’ letter from ARCB, and I was frankly shocked to see that I got a 96.67{9b7c454af58e9d6e19fd3f94d90ae26102bd8501b477feae0d2a9d8ab4b9b70c} on my A&P because I thought after the exam that I’d gotten more wrong on that portion. I absolutely credit both Christine’s exam review class and Bethany’s A&P review class with that result.  The classes were timed perfectly in advance of the exam, and really hammered home the essentials that many of the exam questions addressed. Thank you all for great learning and preparation…and I would advise all students to included in their preparation both the exam review and A&P review.”


To study for the exam, you might also consider reviewing the A&P classes or taking the A&P Review:

  • A&P I – Feb 4-5 and Jul 15-16
  • A&P II – Feb 25-26 and Aug 5-6
  • A&P Review – Mar 19 and Aug 27


American Reflexology Certification Board Exam:

  • Written Exam (300 multiple choice questions)
  • Practical Exam (30 minutes on a proctor)
  • May 13 in Portland (register with ARCB by March 13)
  • November 11 in Seattle (register with ARCB by Sept 11)
  • Exams offered all over the US throughout the year, including Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles and Phoenix
  • Cost: $295
  • To register, call ARCB at (303) 933-6921. Call at least 60 days (up to a year) prior to the exam. For more information, please click this link.
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