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American Reflexology Certification Board® Exam

American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB®) offers national board certification in reflexology. Many people across the nation practice reflexology with just a few hours of training.  National ARCB® certification will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

ARCB® created a video about national certification. Click the following link and at the top of the page click “Watch the Video”:  ARCB® video

National ARCB® testing includes a written test, a practical exam, and submission of documented practice hours. In 2019 the documented practice hours requirement changed from 90 hours (30 clients, 3 times/hours each) to 30 hours (10 clients, 3 times each, 45-60 minutes per session). Look at this page for more information:  Taking the ARCB® Exam

Practicing Reflexology in Washington State

In Washington state, the law requires that all professional reflexologists be state certified. This means taking and passing the written portion of the ARCB® test.

Although massage therapists can practice reflexology without being certified, they cannot call themselves reflexologists unless they take and pass the written ARCB® test.

For more information about the history of Washington State reflexology certification and national reflexology certification through ARCB®, click here.

To become certified as a reflexologist in Washington State you must complete your reflexology education through a reflexology school approved by both Department of Health and Workforce Training Board. Once your initial training is complete you must take and pass the written portion of the ARCB® exam.

To become nationally certified, on the day that you take the written test you can also take your practical exam. You will have 9 months from the test date to submit your 30 documented practice hours. When you have successfully completed each of these items, ARCB® will notify you that you may now call yourself a Nationally Board Certified® Reflexologist!

2022 ARCB Exam Dates

ARCB® offers testing around the country. In the Northwest they are now offering three tests in different areas. If these dates don’t work for you, you can look at their website and find another testing location that might work for you.

Below are ARCB® test dates, ARCB® Review Session dates, and other study suggestions.

American Reflexology Certification Board® Review Session:

  • Instructor: Christine Freeland, RF
  • Cost: $70
  • Schedule: Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm
  • Dates: TBA (this event is now being hosted by WRA – please register through Washington Reflexology Association)
  • This review session is not for credit

Here is a review of SRMC’s ARCB® Review Session from 2015, with Christine Freeland:

“I just opened my ‘congratulations’ letter from ARCB®, and I was frankly shocked to see that I got a 96% on my A&P because I thought after the exam that I’d gotten more wrong on that portion. I absolutely credit both Christine’s exam review class and Bethany’s A&P review class with that result.  The classes were timed perfectly in advance of the exam, and really hammered home the essentials that many of the exam questions addressed. Thank you all for great learning and preparation…and I would advise all students to included in their preparation both the exam review and A&P review.”

To study for the exam, you might also consider taking and/or reviewing reflexology classes

2022 American Reflexology Certification Board® Exams offered in the Northwest:

  • Written Exam (300 multiple choice questions)
  • Practical Exam (30 minutes on a proctor)
  • May 7 in Seattle (register with ARCB by March 7)
  • August 13 in Portland, OR (register with ARCB by June 13)
  • September 10 in Seattle (register with ARCB by July 10)
  • November 5 in Seattle (register with ARCB by September 5)
  • Exams are also offered all over the US throughout the year, including Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles and Phoenix
  • Cost: $325 + $65 non-refundable background check fee
  • To register, call ARCB® at (303) 933-6921 or visit their website. You must register at least 60 days (up to a year) prior to the exam.
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