Overview of our Courses

We are no longer offering a full Reflexology Certification Program.

However, we ARE offering select classes, which may differ slightly from classes offered within the Certification Program. Please visit current classes to see which classes are being offered right now.

Educational Purpose

We strive to support and promote the art and science of reflexology by providing the highest quality education available to those with the intention of studying and practicing reflexology, and cultivating excellent reflexologists who add strength to the field.

Individual Reflexology Classes

Whether your intention is to practice on friends and family, add to your massage repertoire or refine your current reflexology techniques, your participation in our high quality course offerings will set you apart from the average reflexologist.

Reflexologists currently in practice will enjoy our continuing education courses, taught by leading experts in the field.

Continuing Education Credits for Reflexologists

SRMC classes count toward continuing education credits with for American Reflexology Certification Board® (ARCB® Provider # P00119).

Continuing Education Credits for Massage Therapists

SRMC classes count toward continuing education credits for Washington State massage licensing and toward ARCB®, ABMP, AMTA and NCBTMB (Non-Approved Provider) hours. Our Ethics class meets Washington State CE requirements for continuing education in ethics.

Continuing Education Credits for Other Professionals

Please check with the oversight authorities in your specific profession. It is likely that reflexology classes at SRMC will count toward your continuing education requirements.

Our Students

Our students come from many backgrounds and phases of life. Some take individual classes for fun or to do reflexology on themselves or their loved ones, while others take them to establish a reflexology career or augment their current massage practice.

Class size and format

SRMC classes are generally offered on evenings and weekends. Most of our students are full-time working professionals.

In order to allow for individual attention we limit the size of most classes to 12-14 students. Larger or more complex classes include an assistant or additional instructor. About 75% of each reflexology skills class is hands-on, using massage tables and chairs supplied by SRMC. This enables students to practice techniques learned during class with instructor supervision and assistance.

We request that you bring a bath towel, fingernail clippers and a pen or pencil and paper to most classes. Please keep fingernails and toenails trimmed and filed. Dress in layers for your comfort. A booklet is provided in class and it typically includes a list of book references and suggestions for follow-up education.

Class participation and the practice of techniques outside of class are the best means to master the material presented!

Costs to Consider Outside of Class

If you do not already own a massage table, we recommend that you invest in one. Prices range from $100-$2000+. Used tables are frequently offered for sale on local massage school bulletin boards or online. An ideal table is light, portable and equipped with recessed legs (sometimes called a “reiki table”).

It is in your best interest to purchase student liability insurance if you are enrolled in a reflexology school. ABMP offers this for $15/year while you are a student and offers a discount for your first year of practice if you were insured by ABMP as a student.

Class Registration

To reserve your space in a class, we require a minimum deposit of $100. Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center accepts credit and debit cards, cash, Venmo and checks or money orders made payable to “Seattle Reflexology” or “SRMC”.  Payments may be mailed to P. O. Box 22 Clinton, WA 98236.

We offer an early bird registration rate for most classes. To receive the discounted rate you must pay in full by the early bird deadline. Alternatively, you may pay a deposit of $100 to reserve your space in the class, but you will not receive the early bird rate. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. Your reservation is not guaranteed until we have received your deposit or payment in full.

Please send in your payment as soon as possible so that we can better anticipate the number of students in attendance. Classes are filled according to the order in which payments are received. For the sake of all involved, we strongly encourage early enrollment.

When we host an international instructor, we will include any special pricing information in the course description. Due to the costs associated with international instruction, a portion of early bird payments for international instructors is non-refundable.

SRMC’s Introduction to Reflexology class is a prerequisite to most other classes at SRMC.

Click this link to read further about our Financial Policies.

Please call (206) 284-8389 if you have any questions.

Reflexology Certification in Washington State

As of July 1, 2013, in order to practice reflexology in Washington State, all reflexologists must either be certified by the Department of Health or licensed as a massage therapist or acupuncturist. In order to claim the title of Certified Reflexologist, massage therapists and acupuncturists must become certified by Washington State Department of Health.  For more information about recent legal developments in reflexology certification in Washington State please visit  /law/.  For an application to become certified, click the following link to the Department of Health website:  ApplicationsandForms.aspx.

National Reflexology Certification

Attainment of National Certification® brings a level of professional distinction to your practice, demonstrating to prospective clients your commitment to providing reflexology that meets the highest national standards. ARCB® provides potential clients a database of National Certificants® on their website.

We strongly encourage reflexologists to become Nationally Certified®. ARCB® offers National Certification® testing in Seattle and in Portland at least once per year and schedules approximately 20 examinations around the United States each year. To assist you in preparing for the practical portion of the ARCB® test, consider contacting us to schedule a one-on-one tutorial.

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