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Frontier Biology  This 3 hour lecture on energy medicine and cell communication will give you a new view of the world! In a time when results from biology, energy medicine and consciousness research are pouring in at a breathtaking pace, it can be an overwhelming task to stay updated and find out what it all means. In this lecture Peter Lund Frandsen will help us do just that. He will explore the implications of old and new research from multiple fields of natural sciences and show how in combining these findings, a new broader view of biology is emerging. Experiments from the very frontier of science hint at the existence of subtle energy. An energy form following rules, which break our common view of nature and life. Could it be that our conception of a body delimited by the skin is an artifact only constructed by the limitations of our available senses? Every single known and measurable energy form is also being used for communication between our body cells – light (biophotons), mechanical energy (push, pull, sound) in connective tissue and electrical energy (which is not only found in nerves, but everywhere in the body). Is energy more important than matter? All energies form wave patterns, vibrations with a certain rhythm. When these rhythms cooperate, when they sync, they amplify each other and keep all the body’s molecules and parts in place. Rhythms tend to synchronize to the strongest rhythm. This is where the heart plays a large role as the “body metronome”. Did you know that the rhythmical pulsation in the heart meridian (7.8 oscillations per second) is exactly equal to the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field (Schumann resonance)? Innermost in our discussion stands the fact that consciousness, both individually and collectively, is inseparably combined with nature’s smallest building blocks. Do conscious beings’ thought patterns directly influence our world and everything in it? This lecture will tie the “New Biology” to new ways in which we may be able to explain the working mechanisms of many healing modalities, and on a larger scale to begin to understand ourselves as indivisible parts of a conscious universe. The event will be delivered in a lively format, with lots of illustrations, video clips and small exercises. Read more at Thurs 6—9 pm (3 credits)
PREREQUISITES: None. Open to the public.
Apr 12, 2018   $85

Reflexology for Pain Control & Stress Reduction with Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology is a course designed by Bill Flocco for both the layperson and reflexology practitioner.  Bill offers ear, hand and foot reflexology techniques to relieve common causes of tension and stress, and indicates which microcosm is most effective for each of the ailments addressed. This independent class serves as a foundation for the more in-depth class offered over the weekend. Visit for more details. Fri 6–9 pm (3 credits)
PREREQUISITES: None. Open to the public.
Nov 2, 2018    $85


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