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Classes at Seattle Reflexology will be on hiatus as of March, 2020.

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Elective classes may be taken as continuing education, as elective credits for the Reflexology Certification Program, or on their own. Most of our classes are eligible for Continuing Education credits with ARCB® and Washington State massage therapists. Please read course descriptions for prerequisite requirements.

We offer early bird registration pricing on our classes. Registration deadlines are listed beneath the class description. Please note that certain elective classes have a registration requirement of 30 or more days for early bird pricing, and that the early bird deposit for international instructors is non-refundable.

December, 2019

Nerve Reflexology:  The Brain, the Organs, and Emotion  In this workshop Griet Rondel (Belgium) will offer a unique approach in understanding how and where these three elements converge and how to help facilitate emotional and behavioral change in our clients through reflexology.

The human being lives in constant interaction with both the external environment and the environment inside the body. While the external environment is observed by the five senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing and vision), the internal environment is monitored by sensory nerve endings. All of these perceptions are constantly being sent to the spinal cord and brain for processing and survival (i.e. to cause motor changes in the musculoskeletal system, changes in the organs and hormones, etc.).

When messages from the external environment are received at the same time as messages coming from within, the brain can confuse and conflate the messages, forming an emotional link between perceptions via the midbrain and limbic system. The brain’s resulting survival response has now become emotionally charged.

In the last decade significant research has been conducted clarifying the connections between viscera (organs) and brain, especially for the digestive system. AROUSAL pathways are responsible for the general and specific alertness of the human being regarding environmental and body’s own perceptions (conscious, subconscious and unconscious). These pathways run through various portions of the brain, whether they go all the way to the cortex for conscious thought or not. In the medial axis of the brain, tissue damage, environmental threats, stress and pain get mixed up with emotions, memory and subconscious impulses. When the brain orders a response in the body, its orders are performed via the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and via hormones. Because our organs are very vulnerable and sensitive when impulses of the autonomic nervous system are involved, dysfunctions in organs are very closely related to emotions arising from any situation of arousal.

In this two-day seminar Griet will explore the ascending pathways to the brain and the most important brain centers relating to the arousal (emotional) axis. She will take us on an in-depth exploration of the arousal system and couple it with practical application, embedded in a Manual Neurotherapy-Nerve Reflexology (MNT-NR) concept on brain structures, visceral and hormonal organs linked with the emotions. She will share her immense knowledge of the human body and its form and function, and she will pair this information with practical techniques. She will teach us how to access precisely-refined reflexology points to maximize effects. An extensive handout with a copy of the PowerPoint presentation is included in this workshop. For more information about these concepts or about Griet and her professional work, please visit MNT-NR INTERNATIONAL. Sat—Sun 9 am—5 pm  (14 credits with SRMC, ARCB® and for WA LMTs)

Headlines of this workshop are:

  • the emotional brain circuit and its close connection to the pain circuit
  • how organs change emotions and vice versa
  • how emotional circuits influence motor behavior
  • how hormones change emotional centers and at the same time they change the physiology of organs
  • the way of thinking in the concept of Nerve Reflexology
  • the nerve reflex points for each emotional and pain brain center
  • how to connect nerve reflex points from the autonomic system with organs and brain centers
  • how to change emotional and motor behavior
  • combining MNT-NR techniques with foot reflexology

PREREQUISITES:  Intro to reflexology OR general bodywork knowledge/experience
Class location: DiscoveryPoint School of Massage
December 14-15  $385 ($100 early bird deposit is non-refundable; $425 after Nov 14)

January, 2020

In Introduction to Reflexology you will learn the basic history of the art and science of reflexology, theories of how it works, its benefits, indications and contraindications for its use. You will learn a sequence for a one-hour reflexology session; about 80% of the class is devoted to hands-on practice. This class will be taught by Lisa Hensell.  Credits from these classes apply to SRMC Core/Required Classes for our reflexology certification program and meet WA State CE requirements for LMTs.  Sat & Sun 9 am—6 pm (16 credits)
Jan 18-19  $300 plus $30 supply fee

February, 2020

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology with Sue Ricks (UK)  Do you or your clients think reflexology has to hurt to be effective? In this class, Sue Ricks will show you another way! This two day workshop gives you the opportunity to learn a popular and very gentle approach to reflexology. Specifically designed for those who are interested or training in reflexology or who have an existing qualification in reflexology, this class is ideal for those who would like to use a light touch or who find that doing reflexology treatments can be uncomfortable. You will leave with a lifelong skill.

In these two days you enjoy an introduction to Gentle Touch™ Reflexology, learn the philosophy behind the approach as well as the practical treatment techniques and routines. In working with Sue you will get to share her experience of the power and potential of this technique. This subtle method of working allows practitioners to develop a lifelong skill that supports both the client and practitioner. The treatment is soothing to the recipient and light in application. Many who have experienced discomfort in either receiving or giving a reflexology treatment find this technique a delightful enhancement to their existing skills.

This class is perfect for:

  • Reflexologists who currently use a heavier pressure.
  • Any practitioner who unfortunately finds reflexology draining or uncomfortable
  • Reflexologists who wish to update and upgrade their skills.
  • It is a great revision and boost to anyone wishing to polish up old or rusty routines.
  • Discovering if may want to train more in GTR™ in the future
  • Anyone who wants to really get a fresh insight into the world of reflexology and it’s potential by using a vibrational and energetic approach
  • Anyone who wants to add this to their existing skills and techniques

Is this workshop suitable for YOU?

  • Have you taken a break or been away from reflexology for some time?
  • Are you interested on knowing more about Reflexology and using the Gentle Touch™ techniques
  • Do you find giving reflexology treatments painful? Does your thumb or arm/neck hurt after doing a number of treatments?
  • Do you need a rest after doing a couple of treatments?
  • Do you feel out of touch with the latest developments and would like to update your skills?
  • If you want to find out more about using Gentle Touch™ Reflexology in Oncology care
  • You want to discover how the gentle and caring approach of GTR™ is beneficial in the treatment for vulnerable patients
  • Would you like to have fun with reflexology and find out if it is possible to enjoy reflexology even more?
  • Do you like to be kind and caring to people and help people without causing pain?
  • Would you like to know how to get great results with the lightest of touch?
  • Would you like to learn more about how Gentle Touch™ Reflexology works and how you can build a professional career?
  • Would you like to know about the research we have done?

What will you learn?

  • You will learn the philosophy behind the technique as well as the practical treatment techniques and routines. In working with Sue Ricks you will get to share her experience of the power and potential of this technique.
  • This subtle method of working allows practitioners to develop a lifelong skill that supports both the client and practitioner. The treatment is soothing to the recipient and light in application. Many who have experienced discomfort in either receiving or giving a reflexology treatment find this technique a delightful enhancement to their existing skills.
  • Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is an up to date vibrational approach to reflexology that uses a wonderful light touch, whilst allowing the body to achieve it’s highest potential. By the end of this four day workshop you will have experienced the Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques, learnt the treatment applications, routines and optional enhancements. You will also have a better understanding of how and why this method of treatment is so popular.

This workshop involves many diverse and essential subjects including

  • The theory behind how and why GTR works
  • Your simple role as a practitioner
  • Energy, chakra and the vibrational approach to reflexology
  • The meanings behind certain illnesses and disease states
  • The metaphysical understanding of parts of the body

This class is very comprehensive. You will learn full practical and theoretical Gentle Touch™ Reflexology technique.

You will be provided with notes to support this course. These notes will be available on after the course. You will receive a certificate of attendance stating you are an approved Practitioner and Instructor. For more information about this course, visit Sue’s website. Check out this video of Sue! Class credits are applicable with SRMC, ARCB® and for WA LMTs
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology
Class location: TBA
Feb 17-18  $395 ($100 early bird deposit is non-refundable; $435 after Jan 20)

March, 2020 and beyond


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