Class Descriptions

In Introduction to Reflexology you will learn the basic history of the art and science of reflexology, theories of how it works, its benefits, indications and contraindications for its use. You will learn a sequence for a one-hour reflexology session; about 80% of the class is devoted to hands-on practice. This class is taught by Lisa Hensell, LMT, NBCR.  Sat & Sun 9 am—5 pm (14 credits with SRMC and for WA LMTs)
$325 plus optional $30 supply fee ($350 with late enrollment)

In Advanced Reflexology, Parts I & II Lisa Hensell shares a very unique and effective approach to reflexology.  You will learn how each system of the body corresponds to the reflex maps on the feet, and the most efficient ways to access them to promote your clients’ health.  You will leave with a superior understanding of reflexology and its amazing potential for encouraging optimal health.  Sat & Sun 9 am—5 pm (28 total credits with SRMC and for WA LMTs)
PREREQUISITES:  any Introduction to Reflexology class
$325 per class weekend when paid in full 30 days prior to the first day of class ($350 with late enrollment)

Reflexology tutorials give you the opportunity to refine your reflexology techniques and body mechanics through an hour of one-on-one instructional feedback with Lisa Hensell.  As you work on Lisa, she will provide immediate assistance and give you time to practice what you have just learned.  This is a great option for reflexologists wanting to refine their technique and body mechanics, or for those planning on taking the practical test offered by American Reflexology Certification Board. 1 credit per 1-hour session.
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology
$100 per tutorial hour

Call SRMC to schedule your tutorial 1-3 months before your preferred appointment time.

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