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School Reviews

Seal of approval by highly acclaimed British instructor, Lynne Booth:

“I highly endorse Lisa Hensell and the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center as a center of excellence.  She has built up a first class reputation for offering a superior standard of teaching, offers wide variety of classes and her school regularly invites international tutors to advance the skills in reflexology and massage.  It is my great pleasure to be associated with Lisa and such a highly professional and proficient organisation.”

~   Lynne Booth, Originator of Vertical Reflexology Technique (England)

About the Seattle Reflexology program in general:

“Kudos to Lisa Hensell and the Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center for providing such quality education and exceptional instructors for reflexology. Lisa goes above and beyond at the school to pick leading instructors in cutting edge subjects in integrative therapies using reflexology from around the world. We are so fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to have SRMC right here for health care practitioners and holistic healers. I keep coming back to the continuing education programs to deepen my work as a Certified Reflexologist and Lisa always offers the best educational experience. Thank you Lisa and thank you SRMC!!”

~  Angela Sidlo, LR, CA, CHC
“Thank you for the encouragement. I’m not sure if I have ever thanked you for my education, but it has benefited me immeasurably emotionally, spiritually, socially and financially.”

~ Marsha Dohrendorf/Reflexology for Well Being

“I love this program!!”

“I feel honored to be a student here – thank you!”

“I love the classes you offer. I’m excited to continue!”

“Thank you, SRMC  <3  “


Class Reviews

Introductory Reflexology with Lisa Hensell:

“Wow. This is the best bodywork class I have ever taken (and I’m a massage therapist). I’m blown away!”
“All the information was very well taught. I feel like I have a grasp on the subject as well as a routine I can start using.”
“Lisa was incredibly knowledgeable and excited about reflexology. People will LOVE getting their feet worked on!”
“Very clearly imparted and easily absorbed info. I loved all of it, but especially enjoyed being worked on”
“I most appreciated Lisa’s kindness and knowledge. She was helpful, patient and consistent, and was a good speaker.”
“Lisa is skilled and knowledgeable about her topic, approachable, friendly, honest about what she doesn’t know – if she didn’t know, she knew where to point us”
“Lisa was very present and attentive to everyone’s needs and experience-levels”
“Lisa was very kind, attentive & knowledgeable. Very accessible”
“You do a great job, Lisa. Very pleasant and you make people feel at ease. Thank you so much! A wonderful class. It was great to connect with a like-minded group of people!”

Advanced Reflexology I & II with Lisa Hensell:

“Thanks to Lisa and all of you at SRMC for two amazing weekends. What a great class! I feel like you made a reflexologist out of me and I just can’t wait to get my hands on some more feet!”
“So much incredible, life-changing knowledge! The class effectively expanded my comprehension of reflexology and I’m excited to apply my new skills”
“Really enjoyed learning differentiation of tissue texture and identifying what tissue it corresponds to”
“I appreciate learning about the individual systems and then doing specific reflex work in each system”
“I’m loving how much you support your students and their success. Thank you!!”
“Really helps with more specific, detailed work. It will be very useful in practice”
“I enjoy Lisa’s passion & knowledge of/for reflexology and her sweet spirit”
“I love the style and flow of class instruction and Lisa’s breadth of knowledge”
“Very interactive class. Lisa’s very good at explaining reflexology and bodywork concepts”
“Love Lisa’s humor, passion for reflexology and amazing depth of knowledge and experience she shares. Really enjoyed the class!!”
“Helped me look beyond the routine”
“Lisa is kind and open to questions and comments. I am in awe of her experience”

Business, Ethics and Tax Tips classes, instructed by Pam Foster

What did you enjoy most about the class?

“All the basics for setting up business and the boundaries to think about prior to moving forward”
“Excellent delivery of information. Fun!”

What did you enjoy most about the instructor?

“Smart, engaging, entertaining, practical and inspiring”
“Pam is smart as a whip and very sharp – I really appreciate intelligent teachers!”
“Her great humor and personality”
“The enthusiasm and energy Pamela had throughout the class”
“Sense of humor and incredible wealth of knowledge”
“Pamela is a GREAT instructor! I loved her joking-side. Nice to be in a class with some ‘letting go’ (not too serious).”
“Engages students – time FLEW!”
“Her humor, stories, and great examples”
“Pam ROCKS!!”
“Love her teaching style”
“I love Pam’s sense of humor for sure, but also her passion for and broad knowledge of the material”
“I enjoyed her high level of expertise in both ‘hearing’ and responding to participants issues with humor”

From a student after taking the national board (ARCB®) exam:

“Just opened my ‘congratulations’ letter from ARCB®, and I was frankly shocked to see that I got a 96.67% on my A&P because I thought after the exam that I’d gotten more wrong on that portion. I absolutely credit both Christine’s exam review class and Bethany’s A&P review class with that result.  The classes were timed perfectly in advance of the exam, and really hammered home the essentials that many of the exam questions addressed. Thank you all for great learning and preparation…and I would advise all students to included in their preparation both the exam review and A&P review.”

Introductory Reflexology with Jessica Crofoot:

“I really enjoyed Jessica. She’s an attentive teacher with a calm voice and positive manner”
“Casual learning environment fosters deeper comprehension of material”
“She was engaging and made me feel comfortable in exploring new concepts”
Liked about Jessica:  “Passion, knowledge, experience, insights, wisdom”

Introductory Reflexology with Neil McNeill:

“Neil has an easy way about him. His patience is extraordinary.”
“I enjoyed Neil’s integration of information, both historical and current, and his humor and excellent superior skill sets (knowledge of the information, ability to instruct, communication and management of the group)”
“Neil is a fun, knowledgeable instructor. He really put us as ease. Very enjoyable!”
“I enjoyed Neil’s voice, presence, ability to communicate with different personalities – and his patience”

Bill Flocco’s Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology Classes:

“I have been meaning to write to thank you and all others responsible for the Bill Flocco class coming to Seattle. The material was magnificently presented. I already have given a client this artful assistance. Bill Flocco is the best teacher I have ever had.”

“I have been increasingly impressed with the power of ear points. I had a client come in with asthma so severe she could hardly speak let alone breathe unimpeded. I worked several points and she remarked with great relief how much better she could breathe and how comfortable she’d become. I had a client come in for foot pain, mentioning pain in her mid-back. I held spinal points and pain points and some others and after several minutes she said “is it possible what you did made my back pain go away?”  Yesterday my sacrum was really fussing at me, so in-between clients 2 and 3 I held sacral and pain points for only about 5 mins and voila, pain gone and not back since. I could share other stories. Yesterday a client with elbow pain…pain in all 3 reflex areas so I could show him and give him “homework”. It’s taken me a while to really integrate Bill’s teaching in an organic way, but I’m finding it dovetailing wonderfully with Lynne Booth’s VRT, too!  These wonderful developers give us the science…and we make with it the art!”

Anatomy & Physiology I, II & Review, instructed by Bethany Jorgenson:

What did you enjoy most about this class or the SRMC program?

“Really, everything. I feel fortunate to be a student here. This class should be mandatory for everyone even with a background in A&P. Even though I am an RN I was able to learn and integrate things much differently here than in western medicine”
“Bethany is SO good. Clearly loves the material/topic. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, eloquence and creativity are fabulous – just the best!”
“Loved how she broke up the class with making models, doing physical activities, etc”
“She took a potentially dry subject and made it fascinating, fun and easy to remember!”
“Bethany used various tools to help the learning process. Great A&P review”

“Teaching to different learning styles. Hands on activities. The instructor’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject”
“Variety of teaching styles. You can tell she loves the subject”
“The visual aids – pictures, videos, illustrations, comparisons – helps with memory”
Taking notes as a diaphragm”
“Hands-on learning and reinforcement”
“Great timing for review before the ARCB exam!”

What did you enjoy most about the instructor?

“Absolute knowledge! Wow – she is amazing. Her grasp of the information is mind boggling. Fun, creative teacher”
“Bethany is knowledgeable, articulate, engaging, creative and delightful”
“She made difficult terms and concepts understandable. Cheerful, animated, interesting”
“Animated, patient, very knowledgeable; answered from logical medical viewpoint, giving reasons for answers”
“I am just amazed at how much she knows! All those medical words for everything and she just knows them off the top of her head! Plus, she is passionate about her subject and can explain it very well.”
“Bethany is knowledgeable, easy, and joyful”
“She kept us engaged with activities, and even though I was resistant to them they were helpful”

“Very knowledgeable; smooth flow to class”
“She is trustworthy, knowledgable, enthusiastic, creative and experienced”
“Bethany is very knowledgeable about the subject and makes it easy to understand and entertaining as well!”

Supervised Practice Clinic by Pam Foster and/or Neil McNeill:

What did you enjoy most about the class or the SRMC program?

“I loved how Pam went around to show different ways of doing things and fine tuning our work”
“One-on-one assistance; excellent attention to detail”
“Learning new techniques and refining skills”
“Immediate intervention/help with technique”
“Easy going, great at giving practical feedback”
“Pamela’s great hands-on advice on techniques”
“New tricks and tips – awesome – like a bonus!!”
“More techniques learned for our practice. Great class!”
“Neil has an easy way about him. His patience is extraordinary.”
“Neil is a fun, knowledgable instructor. He really put us at ease. I really enjoyed the class”

Documentation Clinic I & II by Pam Foster and Neil McNeill:

“This class eased my fears about my ability to do documentation and helped me focus more precisely on cognitive problems I’m having in regard to documentation.”
“Documentation can be confusing but this class makes it easier to understand and how to write things down.”
“Doc II gave us more examples and tips on how to help us document better. Pam was great – patient with all our questions and addressed our concerns”
“Very helpful guidance and answers – specific help for my current documentation questions”

Structural Analysis of the Foot & Lower Leg and Fundamentals of Addressing Foot Pain with Jessica Crofoot:

“Helped put things in perspective”
“Hands-on work and activities to practice learning info. I have lots to apply to my sessions!”
“So much great information. Well presented!”
“Jessica imparts a lot of additional knowledge and doesn’t go ‘by the book’ yet covers everything”
“I love the practical techniques I learned for addressing client complaints”
“These are really practical tools I can use in practice to address foot pain”

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